Developing Powerful & Effective Black Catholic Liturgy

Archbishop James P LykeRev Clarence Rivers

The Lyke Conference

The Lyke Conference, the nation’s premier Black Catholic liturgical event, is named after the late liturgist Archbishop James P. Lyke, OFM, the second of the three Black archbishops in US history—was founded in 2004 as an outlet where attendees could be trained in African-American patrimony.

That mission has endured now for close to 20 years, organizing gatherings in every year except the two coinciding with the National Black Catholic Congress (2012 and 2017).


RIVERS INSTITUTE for Music Ministers

The Clarence Rivers Music Institute gathers our best and brightest liturgical music ministers in the Black Catholic community. It is also vital to this conference to foster the great legacy of Father Clarence Rivers, a pioneer in the field of Black Catholic gospel music on whose shoulders we proudly stand today. This gathering will provide musicians a venue to dialogue, share, learn from, and dream about the possibilities surrounding this ministry. Each registered participant will be provided with a resource book (Ring Shout VII) filled with music to enhance the parish’s liturgical experience.